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Soal PTS UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1 Dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal PTS UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1 Dan Kunci Jawaban- 
Pada kesempatan ini, tipstriksib akan mengulas Bank Soal PTS UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1 yang bisa sobat pelajari dan berikan sebagai contoh latihan soal kisi-kisi ujian ulangan Soal PTS UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1 Dan Kunci Jawaban tahun 2022


TEMA : Bahasa Inggris 
No. Absen : ………………............
Kelas / Semester : 4 / 1 
Nama Siswa : ………………………
Hari/Tanggal : …………………………….
Waktu : 90 Menit

I. Read the text then answer question !

Hello, my name is Boby. This is my living room. There are twelve things in this room. There is a television. There is a radio. There is a clock. There is a sofa. There is a lamp.

Look ! That is a picture. That is a dustbin and that is a that is a telephone. This is a table and this is a carpet. Where are an ashtray and a flower vase? The ashtray and flower vase are on the table.

1. Whose living room is it ?

2. How many things are there in the living room ?

3. Is there a calendar in the living room ?

4. Is there a sofa in the living room ?

5. Where is an ashtray ?

II. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d !

1. Justin :"Good night Selena"!
Selena : "Good .... ".

a. afternoon b. evening c. morning d. night

2. Martin : "Hello Rosi, How are you "?
Rosi : " Hello .... fine".

a. you are b. we are c. I am d. He is

3. Our parents are ....

a. father and mother b. brother and sister c. grandfather and grandmother d. uncle and aunt

4. Generally the leather of a family is ....

a. teacher b. head master c, president d. father

5. We are born by ....

a. father b. mother c. sister d. daughter

6. Nino is my sister'son. Nino is my ....

a. cousin b. daughter c. nephew d. niece

7. Look at the picture !

Mr. Rozak is Viona's ....

a. father b. mother  c. brother d. daughter

8. Alfian is Mrs. Farah's ....

a. father b. mother c. daughter d. son

9. Mr. Jono is my uncle. His wife is my ....

a. mother b. sister c. cousin d. aunt

10. The younger brother of our father is our ....

a. aunt b. uncle c. grandfather d. grandson

11. The son of our uncle is our ....

a. nephew b. niece c. cousin d. sister

12. Sinta has a mother.

.... name is Mrs. Tanti.

a. your b. her c. his d. Is

13. Rian is Mrs. Yanti's son. Fina is Mrs. Yanti'daughter.

Rian is Fina's ....

a. sister b. brother c. son d. daughter

14. Cikita : "...."?

Meydi :" I live in Kediri:.

a. Where are you b. How old are you c. What is your name d. Where do you live

15. Agung needs scissor to ....

a. cut paper b. bring book c. write letter d. draw picture

16. Olla cleans the table by using ....

a. a duster b. a broom

c. a brush d. a rubber

17. We can put all the things in our bag, except ....

a. books b. pens

c. ruler d. chair

18. Father needs .... to read the newspaper

a. mirror b. glass

c. glasses d. telescope

19. We bring something with ....

a. leg b. hand c. knee d. shoulder

20. We can speak because we have a ....

a. nose b. ear c. mouth d. hand

III. Fill the blank with suitable word !

1. The father of our mother is our ....

2. Mother needs a .... to sweep the floor

3. We need an .... when it is raining.

4. Teacher cleans the blackboard by using ....

5. We sit on the ....

Kunci Jawaban PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas IV Semester 1

Kunci Jawaban Room I

1. It living room belongs to Boby

2. There are twelve things in the living room

3. No, it is not

4. Yes, there is

5. The ashtray is on the table

Kunci Jawaban Room II

1.d 2.c 3.a 4.d 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.d 9.d 10.b 11.c 12.b 13.b 14.d 15.a

16.a 17.d 18.c 19.b 20.c 21.c 22.d 23.b 24.b 25.a 26.d 27.b 28.b 29.b 30.d

Kunci Jawaban Room III

1. grandfather

2. broom

3. umbrella

4. eraser

5. chair