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Soal UAS UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 1

Soal UAS UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 1 

Pada kesempatan ini, tipstriksib akan mengulas Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris Ulangan Akhir Semester UAS / semester 2 kelas 5 SD yang bisa sobat pelajari dan berikan sebagai contoh latihan soal kisi-kisi ujian ulangan Bahasa Inggris kelas 5 semester tahun pelajaran 2017 Soal Ulangan Akhir Semester Semester 2

MATA PELAJARAN : Bahasa Inggris
KELAS : 5 (Lima )
NAMA : Nilai :

I. Choose the correctly answer by crossing (X) A, B, C or D !
1. Kind of sport which need a ball for playing is . . .
A. Badminton C. Boxing
B. Swimming D. Football

2. My name is Chris John. I am an athlete of . . .
A. Football C. Boxing
B. Basketball D. Chess

3. Pinalty and free kick is kind of rule at . . .
A. Sprint C. Volleyball
B. Football D. Boxin

4. Sport Tournament where held in Palembang and Jakarta recently is . . .

5. There are . . . players at a football team.
A. Five C. Eleven
B. Six D. Twelve

6. This animal has spines to protect from the enemy. It is a . . .
A. Porcupine C. Chameleon
B. Kangaroo D. Turtle

7. It is a wild animal. Its spines protect from its enemy. It is a . . . .
A. Turtle C. Porcupine
B. Owl D. Kangaroo

9. It is a mamalia but can fly and have ability to hang day and night. It is a
A. Bat C. Butterfly
B. Turtle D. Chameleon

10. Kind of insect which like a dirty place and cause deseases is ....
A. Mosquito C. Fly
B. Bee D. Butterfly

Soal-UKK-UAS-Bahasa-Inggris-kelas-5-SD-Semester-111. A refree need … to held a sport game

A. Whistle C. Shoes
B. Money D. Costume

12. A whale is . . . than a dolphin.
A. Smaller C. Shorter
B. Taller D. Bigger

13. Kind of insect which has beautiful wings is . . . .
A. Butterfly C. Bumblebee
B. Dragonfly D. House Fly

14. Name of wild animal where lives in a sea is . . . .
A. Lion C. Elephant
B. Shark D. Deer

15. Clown fish is . . . than Tuna Fish.
A. Smaller C. Shorter
B. Taller D. Bigger

16. These are kind of land transportations, Except (kecuali) . . . .
A. Train C. Taxi
B. Ship D. Bus

17. We can go to . . . to have travelling by a bus.
A. Terminal C. Air port
B. Station D. Harbour

18. These are kind of water transportations, Except (kecuali) . . . .
A. Kano C. Plane
B. Raft D. Submarine

19. We have to bring . . . where ever we go by a car
A. Helmet B. Money C. Driving lisences D. Gloves

20. When the traffic light is green, it means . . . .
A. We can stop our car C. We can prep
B. stop D. We go 

22.We go to Tanjung Priok harbour to have travelling by a . . . .
A.Plane C.Bus
B.Train D.Ship

23.These are some situations which obey traffic rules, Except (kecuali) . .
A. Wearing helmet C. Play the music
B. Bringing driving lisences D. Drive the car

24.We can see many kind of fishes at . . .
A. Safari Park C. Sea Wold
B. Sri Baduga Museum D. Trans Studi

25.Kind of animal which help people for transportation is . . . .
A. Sheep C. Goat
B. Horse D. Rabbit

II. Fill in the blanks with suitable words! 
26. Gilang Angga is a . . .player from Bandung.
27. There are . . . players in a football team.
28. Name of insect which like human blood is . . . .
29. The biggest animal in the jungle and has a pair of ivory is. . .
30. My name is Simba. I am king of the jungle. I like to eat meat. I am a . . .
31. My name is Cobra. My body is long and I have no feet and poison. I am . . .
32. I have a tall body and a long neck. I live in the jungle. I am a . . .
33. This signs means forbidden to . . .


34. We need shuttle cock and racket to play . . .
35. Tame animal which like to eat carrot is ....

III. Answers these questions correctly !
36. Mention four kind of sports which use a ball for playing !
37. Mention four kind of vehicles in land transportation !
38. Mention four animals which eat meat !
39. Santi - Bandung - goes - by - to - Bus.
40. school - go - I - to - six - at - o'clock - in - morning - the.

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