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Tipping Etiquette Expected And Required In Indonesia

Tipping Etiquette Expected And Required In Indonesia - Let's be honest ; tipping is one of our frustrations when traveling. However , in some countries, tipping is part of culture and we're required not only to respect it but also to experience it as a whole. We can't simple pick out parts that we don't want.How about in indonesia ? Is tipping required ? There are no written rules about tipping in indonesia. But yes, sometimes people - hotel bellboys , servers in restaurants, golf course caddies, salon stylist , dive guide etc. do expect a tip, especially when the guest ( local or foreigner ) is considered rich.

And yes, many indonesians still assume that people from developed countries are rich, because even when they're not the currency exchange rate would make them 'rich ' while in Indonesia. There are situations where tipping will be expected. These commonly involve service personnel such as manicurists, taxi drivers, and waiters and should be calculated according to three conditions: the level of service provided, the rupiah value of the tip to the person (not to yourself) and the relationship you have with the person (if any).

Unfair perception ? of course. Nevertheless it is a perception that one has to deal with when coming to Indonesia. But before you decide to walk away without tipping or even cancel your travel plans, please consider this : there is a widespread underpayment of labor in indonesia. A few thousand rupiah can make a world of difference to indonesians struggling to make ends meet. You just have to recognize the places and situations where tipping may be expected.

Where & Who :

- Hospitally and service providers such as hotel, restaurants, spas, salons, gyms, golf course, tennis courts, dive shops. etc.

- Areas heavily frequented by tourists.

- If you wants a specific person to receive the tip, then hand it to that person directly

How Much

-Tips should be based on the level of service provided but, generally, 5- 10 % of your bill is considered appropriate. A tiny bit more is okey if the service is outstanding.

- Don't tip too much, even for really good service.

- When a gratuity or 'service fee ' is already added to your bill , no additional tip is necessary ( but would still be highly appreciated