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8 Travel Smart Without Going Broke

8 Travel Smart Without Going Broke - when you spend money on travel, you'll come home richer. True in theory in practice though, it can easily make you broke. Let's travel samrt without going broke. The followinf is 8 travel smart without going broke; 

1. Book tickets anonymously 
Online sites know that you're visiting them regularly and will automatically increase their prices. Clear your cache before you commit. Also, don't add your frequent flyer number to your purchases until after you've bought them 

2. Share with others 
use services like Airbnb ( short-term apartment rentals ), couchsurfing ( lodging with locals ) and eatwith ( dining in homes with others ). You 'll get a true respresentations of the place you're visiting and also pay a lot less 

3. Be Social 
The beat way to get great travel deals is by using the social media to search, interact, and act fast. 

4. Plan Ahead 
Plan months in advance and bool everything immediately, including flights, hotels, and car rentals 

5. Eat where Locals Do 
Stay away from eateries that cater to tourists an choose to eat where the locals do 

6. Pack Even Lighter 
Travel as light as possible to save expensive checked in baggage fees, porter and bellboy costs and to avoid the hassles of waiting for your luggage at the airport. 

7. Use credit card 
Earn credits for your purchases that can be used to offset The costs of your travel experiences. Extraperk ?It's a lot safer to carry around than a wallet full of cash. 

8. Be Flexible with your hotels 
The sweet spot for booking a room is 21 days in advance and, on average, sunday nights are usually the cheapest.Also try independent hotels and don't rule out getting a room in other parts of the city.  A short cab ride could save you a bundle. And, try picking up the phone and actually call the hotel.
Some may have unlisted deals. 

Thus information 8 travel smart without going broke, may be useful.

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